When the perfect location for your wedding is not where you live, you need a planner you can trust; a planner that is experienced in researching and negotiating with vendors abroad; a planner who appreciates the need to coordinate each detail of your wedding and to communicate according to your schedule. 
You deserve a team of wedding professionals who are dedicated to discovering your personality and your dreams, before crafting them into memories that will last your lifetime.  

Since 1999, A Touch Of Bliss has been doing just that. Your wedding day experience begins the moment you say 'Yes!' so we are committed to making the entire wedding planning process one extraordinary event culminating in the wedding of your dreams .

Let us help make your day one to remember.

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Need accommodations for your entire family & friends? 
We have many beautiful properties to suit your needs. Let us know what you're looking for and Red River Real Estate will be happy to help you.