The Hidden Valley Heaven - Upper Valley w/ VIEWS, WiFi, Satellite, Washer/Dryer, Heated Bathroom Floors, Wood Stove, Semi Seclusion, Quiet Neighborhood

  10 guests
  4 bedrooms
  2 bathrooms

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Hidden Valley Heaven is a four bedroom, two bathroom home that is located in the Upper Valley of Red River, New Mexico. Our guests love this home because you are semi secluded and have a wonderful view of the mountains. Hidden Valley Heaven has a very rustic feel since it is one of Red River’s original cabins!

After entering the home you will be standing in the open space with the living area to the right and the kitchen and dining area to the left. The living room has a large flat screen TV with a DVD player. This gives the guest options of watching satellite or movies brought from home. The kitchen is very open and has plenty of counter space for anyone needing to do a bit of cooking!  Throw some wood into the beautiful wood burning stove to take the chill off the mountain air. Other amenities that this home has to offer guests that choose to stay in Hidden Valley Heaven is the full access to free WiFi, a washer/dryer, and a charcoal BBQ grill that is located at the front of the cabin.

The first two bedrooms are located on this main level. The first bedroom is equipped with a queen bed with a small TV and access to the full hallway bathroom. The second bedroom has two sets of twin bunk beds(four twin beds) and access to the full hallway bathroom. Both bathrooms have heated floors. Keep those toes warm! After leaving the first two bedrooms walking back to the living room and turn to go to the second floor. The third and fourth bedrooms are located on the upper level. Both bedrooms do include a queen bed in each, a small flat screen TV in each, and both have access to the upstairs full hallway bathroom.

Guests that stay in the Upper Valley are able to ride off-roading vehicles on the dirt roads but you will need to make sure you trailer the vehicles if you are wanting to take them on many of the trails that Red River, New Mexico has to offer! 

Hidden Valley Heaven does not allow garage access.

*For more amenities this home has to offer please click the amenities tab above!
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Fill the maximum occupancy of this home with no additional guest charge.

(If applicable) As a courtesy to our winter guests a ration of firewood has been provided at the home upon check-in, additional wood may be purchased through our office if you should run out; during the summer months wood is not provided to any of our homes, however, if you would like to purchase some wood for your stay, please contact our office for more information. This Home is accessible for summer rentals only.

Rural Mountain Conditions Exist. Winter vehicles are suggested in the winter time. 4-Wheel Drive or Chains.

We love that we can offer comforts of home, however please note that Rural Mountain Conditions Exist. We cannot guarantee proper working order for internet (if applicable) and/or satellite/cable TV in any of our homes due to interruptions by the service provider. If services fail and we are notified, Red River Real Estate makes every attempt to resolve the said issues as quickly as possible. 

This Property Offered by Red River Real Estate, Red River, New Mexico.


Hidden Valley Heaven Sleeps: 10 Persons
Four bedrooms, two bathrooms.
Upper Valley
Few neighbors.
Beautiful views.

Property Perks!

  • Two story home that has several steps to entry.
  • Three queen beds, four twin beds.
  • Lots of space for parking multiple vehicles and trailers.
  • Heated bathroom floors
  • Living room includes a flat screen TV, a DVD player, and a wood burning stove.
  • Hidden Valley Heaven provides free WiFi, satellite, washer/dryer, and a charcoal BBQ grill.
  • Fully furnished kitchen. (Utensils, cookware, dishes, coffee pot, microwave, toaster, dishwasher.)

Hidden Valley Heaven pet policy: Sorry no pets!

Red River Real Estate provides a portion of toilet paper, trash bags, dish washing soaps, bath soap, clean towels and linens, and a towel exchange service every other day.



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* Rates are subject to change without notice. Pricing excludes taxes, additional options and fees.


Wichita , US
Reviewed: Feb 12, 2018
Property Manager
Norman, US
Reviewed: Jun 11, 2016
Property Manager
The girls I worked with were great. They always had time to talk to me no matter what else was going on The furry members of your team enthralled my children I hope you enjoy the venison
5 days in the cabin were not enough. The deer feeding in the yard, the hummingbirds that would invite themselves into the house, the scenery, the fishing, it was a soul soothing stay.
Claimview, US
Reviewed: Aug 23, 2015
Property Manager
The team was very friendly and helpful.
My family enjoyed staying at Hidden Valley Heaven. It was accurate to the pictures advertised. I especially enjoyed the bay window view, location in the upper valley, and the vaulted ceilings of the cabin that allowed the cozy home to feel spacious and open.
Pasadena, US
Reviewed: Aug 16, 2015
Property Manager
Arthur City, US
Reviewed: Aug 13, 2015
Property Manager
Everyone that I dealt with in office was very friendly, no complaints at all about staff!
Gainsville, US
Reviewed: Aug 2, 2015
Property Manager
North Risland Hills, US
Reviewed: Jul 8, 2015
Property Manager



Before reserving any vacation home, please read through our terms and conditions and please make note of our cancelation policy!

Here are some answers to questions frequently asked! Didn’t find your questions? Please give us a call so we can get all of your questions answered!
Can I bring more people than a house will accommodate?
                Due to fire codes and restrictions we do not allow people to bring more than the maximum occupancy for each individual houses. This does include both children and adults.
What does Red River Real Estate provide for our vacation home?
                We provide several things for our guests to use! Things like toilet paper, trash bags, bar soaps, towels, linens, a ration of firewood (For our winter guests), gas cylinders for gas BBQ grills, and we make sure there are enough kitchen necessities for as many as the house sleeps!
What is check-in/check-out time?
                Check-in time is between 3:00PM and 5:00PM. If you think you will arrive early, ask us about our early check-in! Check-out is at or before 10:00AM. If you leave before we open please leave your keys in our drop box that is to the right of our office doors!
Where do we go once we get to Red River?
                Once you arrive you will come to our office! We are located at 420 East Main Street. Once you are here we will have you sign your check in paperwork and give you keys. Then you will have the house to yourself!
Do you provide firewood for fire pits?
                Red River Real Estate does not provide wood specifically for fire pits. However, if your home has a wood burning fireplace we provide a ration of wood. You can feel free to use this wood for fire pits! If you burn through the ration of wood you can buy more from our office!
Can we park an RV at the house?
                None of our vacation homes allow the parking of RV’s. For more information on where you are able to park an RV please call our Town Hall at (575) 754 – 2277.
Do we really need a 4wheel drive vehicle or chains?
                We strongly suggest having a 4Wheel drive vehicle or chains! Red River gets a lot of snow and we wouldn’t want anyone to be getting stuck on their vacation!

Is there a Laundromat in town?
                Yes! There is a Laundromat to the west end of Red River as if you are going up to the Upper Valley!

Is there a pharmacy in Red River?
                Unfortunately, there is no pharmacy in Red River. The closest pharmacy is going to be in Taos. Taos is about a 45 minute drive in good road conditions!
I need to have something sent to Red River. How can I do this?
                Red River Real Estate will allow guests to send items to our office. Please make sure to give us a call and let us know before it is sent! Also you will need to make sure that your name will be on the package!

What is the nearest airport?
                The closest airport is in Albuquerque, NM. This is about a 3.5 hour drive during good road conditions!  

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